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General Information

Hybrid: /Reflections on Science and Art/ is focusing on different *ethical perspectives* of Science and Art collaborations, particularly in relation to the Life Sciences.

31st of May Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis (MNSR), Rua D. Manuel II, Porto-Portugal

Alexandre Quintanilha
Marta de Menezes
Juan Luis Moraza

Guest Speakers
Beatrice Allegranti
Siân Ede
George Gessert
Jens Hauser
Louis-Marie Houdebine
Riccardo Manzotti
Mário Montenegro
Kira O’Reilly
Jill Scott
Jennifer Willet
Ionat Zurr
Robert Zwijnenberg

hYbrid’s exhibition at MNSR from the 29th of May until the 4th of June.
Curator: Marta de Menezes
Production: IBMC.INEB 





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Porto, Portugal | 30, Maio de 2017