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Specimens and Superhumans

The arts catalyst is organising a series of events exploring contemporary issues around biomedical science, disability and ethics, and how these are explored, represented and critiqued in art.

Specimens and Superhumans is a series of four events exploring how art represents biomedical science, disability and ethics. The series aims to identify and nurture artists who could participate in future programmes and commission a series of new artists’ projects. The last event will be in 2012 and will explore disability, human enhancement and science fiction.

Participant artists include Aaron Williamson, Brian Catling, Katherine Araniello, Sinéad O’Donnell, Benedict Phillips, Trevor MathisonJon Adams, Simon Baron-Cohen, Gabriel Hardistry-Miller and Ben Connors.


MORE: http://www.artscatalyst.org/projects/detail/specimens_and_superhumans/




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Porto, Portugal | 31, Maio de 2016