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Designing Living Things

The Interactive Event, integrated in the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW 2012), will have a panel organised by Christina Agapakis – University of California, Los Angeles - named Designing Living Things.

The Speakers will be: Christina Agapakis – University of California, Los Angeles; Patrick Boyle – Harvard Medical School; Daisy Ginsberg – Synthetic Aesthetics; Jason Kelly – Ginkgo BioWorks; Sri Kosuri – Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Designing of Living Things intends to stir a discussion on synthetic biology. The panel features a new generation of leaders in biotechnology from industry, academia, art and design debating the future of biology. Synthetic biology aims to re-engineer living cells in order to sustainably produce fuels, medicines, and materials. With the promise of a new industrial revolution in the horizon, understanding the language of biotechnology is more crucial than ever.

Some questions arise:

1.What is happening in synthetic biology today? 

2.What will future synthetic biology consumer products look like? 

3.How do you launch a biotech start-up for 50K? 

4.What can biology learn from art?

5.What can design learn from biology?

This panel will reflect on these questions and try to find some answers.


MORE: http://syntheticaesthetics.org/ |







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