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Cabanes, D., Sousa, S., Cebriá, A., Lecuit, M., et al. (2005). Gp96 is a receptor for a novel Listeria monocytogenes virulence factor, Vip, a surface protein. EMBO Journal, 24(15), 2827 - 2838.
do Carmo Costa, M., Gomes-da-Silva, J., Miranda, C. J., Sequeiros, J., et al. (2004). Genomic structure, promoter activity, and developmental expression of the mouse homologue of the Machado-Joseph disease (MJD) gene. Genomics, 84(2), 361 - 373.
Charrua, A., Cruz, C. D., Narayanan, S., Gharat, L., et al. (2009). GRC-6211, a New Oral Specific TRPV1 Antagonist, Decreases Bladder Overactivity and Noxious Bladder Input in Cystitis Animal Models. Journal of Urology, 181(1), 379 - 386.
Cherif, W., Ben Turkia, H., Ben Rhouma, F., Riahi, I., et al. (2009). Gaucher disease in Tunisia: High frequency of the most common mutations. Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases, 43(2), 161 - 162.
Coelho, S. C., Rocha, S., Juzenas, P., Sampaio, P., et al. (2013). Gold nanoparticle delivery-enhanced proteasome inhibitor effect in adenocarcinoma cells. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 10(10), 1345 - 1352.
Coimbra, S., Santos-Silva, A., Rocha-Pereira, P., Rocha, S., & Castro, E. (2006). Green tea consumption improves plasma lipid profiles in adults. Nutrition Research, 26(11), 604 - 607.
Couto, A. R., & Brown, M. A. (2007). Genetic factors in the pathogenesis of CPPD crystal deposition disease. Current Rheumatology Reports, 9(3), 231 - 236.
Crespo, R., Rocha, F. A., Damas, A. M., & Martins, P. M. (2012). A generic crystallization-like model that describes the kinetics of amyloid fibril formation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287(36), 30585 - 30594.
Crespo, T. C., Silva, B., Marques, L., Marcelino, E., et al. (2014). Genetic and biochemical markers in patients with Alzheimer's disease support a concerted systemic iron homeostasis dysregulation. Neurobiology of Aging, 35(4), 777 - 785.


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