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Morais, P., Peralta, L., Magina, S., Bettencourt, H., & Azevedo, F. (2010). Annular lesions on the lower limbs of young female. Dermatology Online Journal, 16(7).
Magina, S., Esteves-Pinto, C., Moura, E., Serrão, M. P., et al. (2011). Inhibition of basal and ultraviolet B-induced melanogenesis by cannabinoid CB 1 receptors: A keratinocyte-dependent effect. Archives of Dermatological Research, 303(3), 201 - 210.
Osório, F., Magina, S., Nogueira, A., & Azevedo, F. (2010). Letter: Incontinentia pigmenti with vesicular stage in utero. Dermatology Online Journal, 16(10), 13.
Osorio, F., Magina, S., Carvalho, T., Goncalves, M. H., & Azevedo, F. (2010). Mycobacterium marinum skin infection with tenosynovitis successfully treated with doxycycline. Dermatology Online Journal, 16(9).
Magina, S., Cruz, M. J., Azevedo, F., Moura, D., et al. (2012). Narrowband ultraviolet B treatment for psoriasis increases serum vitamin A levels. British Journal of Dermatology, 167(4), 958 - 960.
Nogueira, A., Duarte, A. F., Magina, S., Canelhas, Á., et al. (2010). Ofuji's disease - A diagnosis to consider in white patients. European Journal of Dermatology, 20(1), 124 - 125.
Nogueira, A., Duarte, A. F., Magina, S., & Azevedo, F. (2009). Pellagra associated with esophageal carcinoma and alcoholism. Dermatology Online Journal, 15(5).
Abreu, C., Magro, F., Santos-Antunes, J., Pilão, A., et al. (2013). Tuberculosis in anti-TNF-α treated patients remains a problem in countries with an intermediate incidence: Analysis of 25 patients matched with a control population. Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, 7(10), e486 - e492.
Magina, S., Vieira-Coelho, M. A., Serrão, M. P., Kosmus, C., et al. (2012). Ultraviolet B radiation differentially modifies catechol-O-methyltransferase activity in keratinocytes and melanoma cells. Photodermatology Photoimmunology and Photomedicine, 28(3), 137 - 141.

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