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Quintela, T., Alves, C. H., Gonçalves, I., Baltazar, G., et al. (2008). 5α-dihydrotestosterone up-regulates transthyretin levels in mice and rat choroid plexus via an androgen receptor independent pathway. Brain Research, 1229, 18 - 26.
Quintela, T., Gonçalves, I., Baltazar, G., Alves, C. H., et al. (2009). 17β-estradiol induces transthyretin expression in murine choroid plexus via an oestrogen receptor dependent pathway. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, 29(4), 475 - 483.
Quintela, T., Gonçalves, I., Martinho, A., Alves, C. H., et al. (2011). Progesterone enhances transthyretin expression in the rat choroid plexus in vitro and in vivo via progesterone receptor. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 44(3), 152 - 158.
Quintas, M., Neto, J. L., Pereira-Monteiro, J., Barros, J., et al. (2013). Interaction between γ-Aminobutyric Acid A Receptor Genes: New Evidence in Migraine Susceptibility. PLoS ONE, 8(9).
Quintanilha, A. (2004). A word from the public research. Chimica Oggi, 22(6), 61.
Quereda, J. J., Pucciarelli, M. G., Botello-Morte, L., Calvo, E., et al. (2013). Occurrence of mutations impairing sigma factor B (SigB) function upon inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes genes encoding surface proteins. Microbiology (United Kingdom), 159(PART7), 1328 - 1339.
Quental, S., Macedo-Ribeiro, S., Matos, R., Vilarinho, L., et al. (2008). Molecular and structural analyses of maple syrup urine disease and identification of a founder mutation in a Portuguese Gypsy community. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 94(2), 148 - 156.
Queirós, F., Fontes, N., Silva, P., Almeida, D., et al. (2009). Activity of tonoplast proton pumps and Na +/H + exchange in potato cell cultures is modulated by salt. Journal of Experimental Botany, 60(4), 1363 - 1374.
Queirós, O., Pereira, L., Paiva, S., Moradas-Ferreira, P., & Casal, M. (2007). Functional analysis of Kluyveromyces lactis carboxylic acids permeases: Heterologous expression of KlJEN1 and KlJEN2 genes. Current Genetics, 51(3), 161 - 169.
Queirós, F., Fidalgo, F., Santos, I., & Salema, R. (2007). In vitro selection of salt tolerant cell lines in Solanum tuberosum L. Biologia Plantarum, 51(4), 728 - 734.

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