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Marinho, J., Pedro, M., Pinto, D. C. G. A., Silva, A. M. S., et al. (2008). 4′-Methoxy-2-styrylchromone a novel microtubule-stabilizing antimitotic agent. Biochemical Pharmacology, 75(4), 826 - 835.
Conde, C., Osswald, M., & Sunkel, C. E. (2013). All together now: Polo joins the kinase network controlling the spindle assembly checkpoint in Drosophila. Fly, 7(4).
Carvalho, C. A., Moreira, S., Ventura, G., Sunkel, C. E., & Morais-De-Sá, E. (2015). Aurora a triggers Lgl cortical release during symmetric division to control planar spindle orientation. Current Biology, 25(1), 53 - 60.
Mathieu, J., Cauvin, C., Moch, C., Radford, S., et al. (2013). Aurora B and Cyclin B have opposite effects on the timing of cytokinesis abscission in drosophila germ cells and in vertebrate somatic cells. Developmental Cell, 26(3), 250 - 265.
Maia, A. F., Feijão, T., Vromans, M. J. M., Sunkel, C. E., & Lens, S. M. A. (2010). Aurora B kinase cooperates with CENP-E to promote timely anaphase onset. Chromosoma, 119(4), 405 - 413.
Maia, A. F., Lopes, C. S., & Sunkel, C. E. (2007). BubR1 and CENP-E have antagonistic effects upon the stability of microtubule-kinetochore attachments in Drosophila S2 cell mitosis. Cell Cycle, 6(11), 1367 - 1378.
Oliveira, R. A., Heidmann, S., & Sunkel, C. E. (2007). Condensin I binds chromatin early in prophase and displays a highly dynamic association with Drosophila mitotic chromosomes. Chromosoma, 116(3), 259 - 274.
Oliveira, R. A., Coelho, P. A., & Sunkel, C. E. (2005). The condensin I subunit Barren/CAP-H is essential for the structural integrity of centromeric heterochromatin during mitosis. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 25(20), 8971 - 8984.
Coelho, P. A., Queiroz-Machado, J., & Sunkel, C. E. (2004). Could condensin scaffold the mitotic chromosome?. Cell Cycle, 3(5), 538 - 540.
Logarinho, E., Bousbaa, H., Dias, J. M., Lopes, C., et al. (2004). Different spindle checkpoint proteins monitor microtubule attachment and tension at kinetochores in Drosophila cells. Journal of Cell Science, 117(9), 1757 - 1771.
Orr, B., Afonso, O., Feijão, T., & Sunkel, C. E. (2010). Driving chromosome segregation: Lessons from the human and Drosophila centromere-kinetochore machinery. Biochemical Society Transactions, 38(6), 1667 - 1675.
Oikemus, S. R., McGinnis, N., Queiroz-Machado, J., Tukachinsky, H., et al. (2004). Drosophila atm/telomere fusion is required for telomeric localization of HP1 and telomere position effect. Genes and Development, 18(15), 1850 - 1861.
Lopes, C. S., Sampaio, P., Williams, B., Goldberg, M., & Sunkel, C. E. (2005). The Drosophila Bub3 protein is required for the mitotic checkpoint and for normal accumulation of cyclins during G2 and early stages of mitosis. Journal of Cell Science, 118(1), 187 - 198.
Malmanche, N., Owen, S., Gegick, S., Steffensen, S., et al. (2007). Drosophila BubR1 Is Essential for Meiotic Sister-Chromatid Cohesion and Maintenance of Synaptonemal Complex. Current Biology, 17(17), 1489 - 1497.
Orr, B., & Sunkel, C. E. (2011). Drosophila CENP-C is essential for centromere identity. Chromosoma, 120(1), 83 - 96.
Sousa, A., Reis, R., Sampaio, P., & Sunkel, C. E. (2007). The Drosophila CLASP homologue, mast/orbit regulates the dynamic behaviour of interphase microtubules by promoting the pause state. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 64(8), 605 - 620.
Reis, M., Sousa-Guimarães, S., Vieira, C. P., Sunkel, C. E., & Vieira, J. (2011). Drosophila genes that affect meiosis duration are among the meiosis related genes that are more often found duplicated. PLoS ONE, 6(3).
Conde, C., Osswald, M., Barbosa, J., Moutinho-Santos, T., et al. (2013). Drosophila Polo regulates the spindle assembly checkpoint through Mps1-dependent BubR1 phosphorylation. EMBO Journal, 32(12), 1761 - 1777.
Coelho, P. A., Queiroz-Machado, J., Carmo, A. M., Moutinho-Pereira, S., et al. (2008). Dual role of topoisomerase II in centromere resolution and aurora B activity. PLoS biology, 6(8).
Coelho, P. A., Queiroz-Machado, J., Carmo, A. M., Moutinho-Pereira, S., et al. (2008). Dual role of topoisomerase II in centromere resolution and aurora B activity. PLoS Biology, 6(8), 1758 - 1777.
Reis, R., Feijão, T., Gouveia, S., Pereira, A. J., et al. (2009). Dynein and Mast/Orbit/CLASP have antagonistic roles in regulating kinetochore-microtubule plus-end dynamics. Journal of Cell Science, 122(14), 2543 - 2553.
Earnshaw, W. C., Allshire, R. C., Black, B. E., Bloom, K., et al. (2013). Esperanto for histones: CENP-A, not CenH3, is the centromeric histone H3 variant. Chromosome Research, 21(2), 101 - 106.
Maiato, H., & Sunkel, C. E. (2004). Kinetochore-microtubule interactions during cell division. Chromosome Research, 12(6), 585 - 597.
Orr, B., Bousbaa, H., & Sunkel, C. E. (2007). Mad2-independent spindle assembly checkpoint activation and controlled metaphase-anaphase transition in Drosophila S2 cells. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 18(3), 850 - 863.


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