Advanced Light Microscopy

The Advance Light Microscopy (ALM) is the scientific core facility of IBMC dedicated to state-of the-art optical microscopy applications for biosciences. Multidimensional (6D) imaging of cells and tissues, high speed live cell microscopy, molecular analysis techniques and in vivo microscopy are some of the applications available.

The ALM provides access to advanced light microscopy systems as fluorescence widefield and laser scanning confocal microscopes, training in equipment use, scientific advisement in experiment planning, consulting and collaboration in research projects, and develops educational activities.




The ALM deals with a broad range of biological problems and acts to establish connections between different investigators and areas of research. Furthermore, we have high motivation to implement new experiments and techniques. The ALM works as an open-access facility to all members of the IBMC•INEB Associated Laboratory and outside researchers from scientific and technological communities.



The project MICROXXI - Atualização das infraestruturas científicas de microscopia do IBMC

Sampaio, Paula

Correia, Ricardo

Maia, André

Manuela Coutinho de Azevedo, Maria

Paiva, Joana

Mafalda Sousa, Maria

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