Course: Genetics for general practitioner

The first portuguese course on genetics for general practitioner, "A Genética na Medicina Geral e Familiar" will take place this spring on 12 April at IBMC. The course will be from 14H00 to 17H50 at the IBMC main auditorium.
The course is organized by CGPP - Centro de Genética Preditiva e Preventiva and the IBMC in collaboration with the Associação Portuguesa de Medicina Geral e Familiar and the Associação de Internos de Medicina Geral e Familiar Zona Norte.
The registration fee is €25 and the registrations are limited to 40 participants. The course will be in Portuguese.

More information: Andreia Perdigão | email: | PHONE: 226074994 |


A Genética na Medicina Geral e Familiar




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