Dynamic Kinetochore Workshop 2013

A central player in chromosome segregation is the kinetochore - a specialized structure that forms on each sister chromatid to act as the primary chromosomal attachment site for the microtubule polymers that power chromosome movements. Kinetochore function requires the coordinated activities of more than 100 different proteins. These multiple kinetochore proteins have a range of functions including binding to centromeric DNA to specify the position of the kinetochore on the chromosome, attaching to spindle microtubules, mediating chromosome movement, and sensing and correcting errors during chromosome segregation.



Research on kinetochore biology is an exciting and rapidly expanding field. Over the last few years, multiple new junior labs have entered this field. To provide an intimate forum for these new groups to come together, present their work, share their scientific excitement, and exchange their experiences with other starting PIs in an intense, but informal atmosphere, the first 'Dynamic Kinetochore Workshop’ was held in 2009 near London with 12 participating labs. Following the strong success of this workshop, a second version was held in 2011 in Vienna with 25 participating labs. The third workshop will be held in Porto, Portugal from May 15-18, 2013. This workshop will again focus on the newer members of the kinetochore field, with invited speakers having had labs no more than eight years. However, this will be an open meeting with more senior investigators and the members of their laboratories eligible to apply.

Areas of focus:
Kinetochore assembly
Kinetochore-microtubule interactions
Regulating kinetochore function
Spindle assembly checkpoint
Error correction
Epigenetic centromere specification and dynamics


MORE INFORMATION: http://www.ibmc.up.pt/dkw2013/index.html



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