TitleStereotypies in Rett syndrome: Analysis of 83 patients with and without detected MECP2 mutations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsTemudo, T, Oliveira, P, Santos, M, Dias, K, Vieira, J, Moreira, A, Calado, E, Carrilho, I, Oliveira, G, Levy, A, Barbot, C, Fonseca, M, Cabral, A, Dias, A, Cabral, P, Monteiro, J, Borges, L, Gomes, R, Barbosa, C, Mira, G, Eusébio, F, Santos, M, Sequeiros, J, MacIel, P
Pagination1183 - 1187
Date Published2007///

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