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Doctoral Program in Molecular and Cell Biology                

The MCbiology PhD programme is a training programme on Molecular and Cell Biology based at the IBMC. The program is the result of a close collaboration between researchers from two faculties at the University of Porto (FCUP and ICBAS) and from IBMC. The programme is focused on promoting early exposure to research work in internationally competitive labs, on adjusting the curricular course work to the student´s research interests through attendance of hands-on technical courses, on developing creativity and independent thinking and on strong long-term mentorship. This programme aims to be a launching pad for a career in academic or industrial research.



Neurosciences doctoral program [ FMUP /ICBAS /IBMC ]           

The Neurosciences doctoral program provides large theoretical and methodological training in the field of neuroscience and promotes the development of experimental work in a specific scientific area of neurobiology. 





The IBMC is a partner in the following PhD programmes:


Biotech Health [ IBMC.INEB / IPATIMUP / FFUP / ICBAS ]





Graduate Program in Applied and Basic Biology (GABBA) 






Pharmaceutical sciences doctoral programme  [ FFUP /IBMC ]  







The GSG started in 2009, and represents all graduate students affiliated with IBMC. The GSG is a student-run group with a representative and a vice-representative, both elected by grad students, who provide a link between grad students and the Executive Council (CE) of IBMC.
The purpose of the GSG is to provide a platform for public debate of common problems, voice student’s concerns and suggestions to the CE, further the exchange of opinions and perspectives on science and grad student life, and promote graduate student participation in IBMC’s affairs.
Group activities include participation (as hosts) in the IBMC Seminar Series, and taking part in the organization of Mini-Symposia and other scientific initiatives. In addition, and because grad student life can be as challenging and stressful as it is thrilling and enriching, the GSG organizes collective events to promote social networking among all postgraduate students

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