Main goals: improve the safety of workers handling radioactivity, maintain a safe disposal of radioactive wastes and provide mensal dosimetry.

Everyone starting to work with radioactivity must undergo a Radiation Safety training session and require a dosimeter. All rooms and Gammacell Irradiator have a valid license given by DGS.



Radioactivity Service is responsible for:

Radioactivity Lab (1st floor) – common lab for use of radioactive material. Access, controlled by IBMC.INEB identification card, is granted only after the Radiation Safety training.

Radioactive Decaying Room (floor -1) has fridges and perspex waste containers (some have lead coat are proper for the disposal of 125I). Room keys at front desk. Sign waste disposal register.

Front desk security geiger-müller counter – used in case the groups' geigers are away for calibration/fixing.

Safety storage box (LR) – transport radioactive material inside the building. Sign register.

Dr. Nuno Alves is responsible for the Gammacell Irradiator (floor -1), contact him before using the equipment for the first time. Room keys at front desk. Sign registers for keys and equipment use.



Correia, Joana

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