Molecular Biophysics


Previous Research Results:

We are interested in combining approaches of physics, chemistry and biology to understand, characterize and manipulate biological systems with molecular precision. The main lines of research are:

a) supramolecules - structural characterization and manipulation of peptide and protein assemblies. Projects: peptide-based assemblies with functional properties for molecular recognition and delivery of guest molecules; protein self-assembly processes involved in amyloid diseases.

b) molecules - protein structure elucidation using X-ray crystallography complemented with other techniques. Projects: structural and functional characterization of the enzyme responsible for the degradation of the pesticide molinate and structure-based design of transthyretin amyloid inhibitors.  


IMAGE: Peptides assemble into different lattices with different porosities. We use them to develop drug delivery vehicles and also to pursue mechanistic studies on amyloid fibril formation.


Future Research Goals:

In the future we will focus on the study of the self-assembly of biomolecules (peptides  or proteins) oriented for two complementary goals: i) development of supramolecular complexes for molecular recognition and delivery of bioactive compounds  and ii) mechanistic studies of amyloid fibril formation. In addition, we are also interested in using X-ray crystallography for structure-oriented research of amyloid inhibitors.


Selected References:

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