Enhancement: MAKING SENSE

It was about time that we splashed some color into the grey brick walls of i3S!

The exhibit "Enhancement: MAKING SENSE" opened at i3S on May 25th, with a program that included the first session of a series of debates on enhancement followed by cocktail.
The second session - the Night of the Waves - takes place on June 16th, and visitors may expect a discussion about the “electrical conditioning of the brain” and an artistic performance - Enhancing the Mind’s I. Researcher João Relvas is moderating a debate that counts with the expertise of psychologist Francisco Marques Teixeira (neurofeedback: technology & transformation) and neurosurgeon Manuel Rito (deep brain stimulation).

As for the third and last installment of the series, it comes to pass on June 30th, between 6pm and 7.30pm, a session entitled "Beyond the gray areas: creativity and mental illness". i3S Director Mário Barbosa and journalist Andrea Cunha Freitas are moderating a debate with psychiatrist Isabel Maria Brandão (scientific creativity: protection or vulnerability to mental illness), "Art Brut" Collector Richard Treger (art and mental alienation) and IMM researcher Diana Prata (the neurobiology of creativity).

The exhibit is showing until July 25th and guided tours with the curated and artist Maria Manuela Lopes are available to the public.
Registrations should be formalized at http://bit.ly/1U7iZ7r

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