• It was about time that we splashed some color into the grey brick walls of i3S!

    The exhibit "Enhancement: MAKING SENSE" opened at i3S on May 25th, with a program that included the first session of a series of debates on enhancement

  • The Human (R)evolution project is a science and art project that embraces personal and public issues concerning body politics and evolutionary biology. It consists of a period of research, which will inform the development of a

  • The IBMC.INEB, Ciência Viva and ESAD organized the exhibition "EXUBERÂNCIAS DA CAIXA PRETA- a propósito d’ A Expressão das Emoções no Homem e nos Animais de Charles Darwin" at the Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis

  • The hYbrid project is a platform for sharing thoughts on Science and Art issues. Amongst the wide diversity of Science and Art collaborative projects, hYbrid centres its interests on Life Sciences projects. Therefore, hYbrid hopes to highlight a

  • The IBMC•INEB has supported artist residencies in laboratories. So far we had two resident artists. Maria Manuela Lopes at IBMC with the project CAGE-SSI (Cell Activation and Gene Expression – Site Specific Instalation) and Soraya Vasconcelos at

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