The Human (R)evolution

The Human (R)evolution project is a science and art project that embraces personal and public issues concerning body politics and evolutionary biology. It consists of a period of research, which will inform the development of a live performance installation, a publication and a DVD.

The research includes filmed/audio interviews with feminists/scientists working with evolutionary theory. These interviews were concluded and currently are being transcribed. The aim of the research and project development will be to stimulate interest in the revolutionary alliance between biology and body politics.



Moreover, the project aims to generate evidence of more vibrant and biologically attuned accounts of the body, sexuality and gender in everyday life and communicate this through the immediate and powerful medium of Dance Theatre.

The importance of creating the Human (R)evolution project alongside current bicentenary celebrations of Darwin’s life and work is to demonstrate how an alliance between biology and body politics can encourage new perspectives on emotional, cognitive and social gender equality and change.





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