BIOSENSE - platform for collaborative research-action projects

BIOSENSE is a platform for involvement and collaboration between scientific institutions and society. It is directed at universities, research centres, students, organizations, citizens and communities looking for support in finding a solution for problems of common interest or involvement in innovative projects with a social impact.

The objective of this initiative is to develop collaborative research-action projects, in the merging of social sciences, life sciences, health and environment, aiming towards an understanding that contributes to solving problems that society has identified.

BIOSENSE promotes and supports collaborations between universities, scientific centres, citizens and communities in developing projects-idea, in order for them to consolidate and become self sufficient. Because of this, we are exploring new channels and processes of communication of knowledge that these collaborations allow. The project also offers support to Masters and PhD students who are interested developing forms of research-action together with communities and social organizations.

BIOSENSE receives requests to resolve problems in which BIOSENSE associates can play a useful role. Consequently we aim to mobilize institutions, disciplines and researchers with the appropriate abilities to respond to the challenges they are faced with.

This platform allows you to follow the growing number of initiatives and projects that are associated with BIOSENSE. You will also be able to contact us, make suggestions and express your doubts, propose a collaboration or offer your specialist expertise.

Funded by the Foundation for Science and technology


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