International Day of Immunology 2017

Once again, April 29th is dedicated to Immunology!

Instituted in 2005 by the Internacional Union of Immunological Societies, the Internacional Day of Immunology aims to get across to the public the research developed in this field and the breakthroughs achieved thus far. It is celebrated on April 29th and the commemorations aim to engage high school students with the research developed in this scientific area, in Portugal.

In 2017, the International Immunology Day falls on a Saturday, so commemorations will be pushed up to Friday, April 28th. Prompted by the Portuguese Immunology Society(SPI), i3S is joining the commemorations, along with IGC, IMM, CNC, ICVS and UAveiro.

Our program encompasses ImmunoTalks and exploratory workstations that span the entire day, from 10h to 17h.
Although the workstations were designed for a high school public, the Immunotalks are open to the in-house and surrounding community.

The program is available here and you may register for the talks at

We will meet you there!

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