CID - Chromosome Instability & Dynamics Lab | Facilities
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Facilities and tools

Laser Microsurgery Equipment

The set-up used for laser microsurgery is designed to ablate intra-cellular structures at the sub-micron level. We use an infinity-conjugated Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U microscope with a ‘stage-up kit’ and an extra filter turret added in the plane-wave region of the microscope (between the objective and the tube lens), which allows the injection of external, collimated, light beams into the microscope’s light path.

i3S facilities

Advanced Light Microscopy (Head: Paula Sampaio)

Histology and Electron Microscopy Service (Head: Rui Fernandes)

Animal Facility (Head: Mónica Sousa)

Cell Culture and Genotyping (Head: Paula Magalhães)

Advanced Flow Cytometry Unit (Head: Catarina Meireles)

Protein Production and Purification Unit (Head: Frederico Silva)

Radioactivity (Head: Joana Correia)

Services Unit for Interfaces and Macromolecules (Head: Manuela Brás)

Proteomics Unit (Head: Hugo Osório)

X-ray Crystallography Unit (Head: Pedro Pereira)

Genomics and Sequencing Unit (Head: Ana Mafalda Rocha)

Bioimaging Unit (Head: Maria Lazaro)

Bioscience Screening Unit (Head: André Maia)