Some of the equipment available at the animal facility require previous training. Some of these are also associated with a user fee. Please contact the animal facility for more information.


Ivis Lumina series III

Equipment available for living image with bioluminescence and fluorescence techniques. This equipment is ideal for longitudinal studies, increases the amount of information obtained from the same animal and helps reducing the number of animals needed per experiment. The system has an incorporated volatile anesthesia machine, allowing anesthesia with isoflurane.

The use of this equipment requires previous training.

Vevo Ultrasound 2100

Equipment available to perform high frequency ultrasounds. The MicroScan transducer provides increased frame rates, contrast and a high resolution (30 micron resolution). Microultrasound can be used for non-invasive living imaging for anatomical and functional evaluation of different organ systems. The ultrasound is associated with an isoflurane anesthesia system and with a heated stage for microinjection.
The use of this equipment requires prior training.


The Owandy intraoral x-ray gives you anatomical information by the acquisition of digital x-rays. This system is especially useful for hard tissue analyze, such as bone.
The use of this equipment requires prior training.

Stereomicroscopes (Zeiss Discovery V8 and Olympus SZX 10, Leica S8APO)

Several stereomicroscopes can be used for microsurgery and animal/ sample dissection. With zoom between 0.8 to 8 and 0.63 to 6.3 and cold LED for illumination. One stereomicroscope with heated stage and fluorescence filters is also available.

Volatile Anesthesia systems and recovery chamber

Volatile anesthesia systems with isoflurane vaporizers are available to perform anesthesia in small rodents. One rodent recovery chamber is available for animal recovery at a specific temperature

Perfusion pump

One perfusion pump is available for whole body perfusion of small rodents. 

Micromotor K-5 Plus Kavo

The micromotor can be used to perform small defects in hard structures such as bone. Several defect sizes can be performed by using different drills.


Erbotom coagulator

Equipment available for electrocoagulation during surgery.



This equipment allows the production of medullar lesions by contusion

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