The course examination has two parts:

1) Written exam (2 h) - covering all topics addressed during the course. The exam is a combination of multiple choice options and short answer questions. 

2) Presentation of a research protocol - This work is elaborated in groups of 3-5 students throughout the course and presented orally on the last day. Each presentation of approximately 10 minutes shoulc be accompanied by slides, and the focus should be on laboratory animal aspects of the proposal. 

The evaluation committee consists in 3-4 teachers from the course and other senior researchers.

In addition, each student should have participated actively in all practical classes and group assignments and attended lectures.

The two aspects of the examination are combined, so that the minimum requirement is 50% on each individual exam and 60% on average. That is, a student who only obtains 50% in the written exam must have a 70% on the project evaluation.

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