Felasa Accreditation

The IBMC course is the first - and until now- only course in Portugal to obtain FELASA accreditation (accreditation number 020/08). Most courses follow the FELASA recommendations but have not undergone the external review required for accreditation.

The FELASA accreditation system was established to ensure uniform high quality education in laboratory animal science in Europe. The accreditation involves thorough scrutiny of the course content, program, teaching staff, methodology and literature before accreditation and continuous follow-up and evaluation.

When the accreditation was developed in the early 2000s, it was based on the FELASA category system for different professional categories. This system is now being replaced by the Functions defined in Directive 2010/63/EU. Our course follows the recommendations for Category C in the old system and Functions A, B and D in the present system.

Participating in an accredited course means that the quality of the course is recognized internationally. This is an advantage for scientists who move and need permit to do research in a country different from one where they did their laboratory animal science training.

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