Financial and Administrative

The Administrative and Financial Department is composed by three main services: accounting and logistics, projects management, and human resources.

Our mission is to continuously provide high quality and innovative services, and thus to contribute for the general progress both of IBMC and our internal costumers.



We provide support in various stages of each activity/project: personnel recruitment and hosting, goods and services acquisition, accounting, payments to fellows, staff, contractors and suppliers, reimbursements, receipt and distribution of materials, outstanding orders controlling, internal services collection, receipts and invoices issuing, preparation of payment requests and financial reports. Relations with the state and social security, financing entities and auditors, support to researchers, host of contractual staff and fellows, heritage management, public procurement, connection to external legal support, management control, are also ensured through DAF.






Machado, Suzana

Mendes Fernandes, Joana

Braga, Manuela

Ferreira, Cláudia

Mendes, Paula

Oliveira, Fábio

Oliveira, Maria

Oliveira, Paulo

Soares, Raquel

Campos, Ana

Lamas Gonçalves, Helena Isabel

Pardelinha Mendes, José

Pamplona Barbosa Cabral de Menezes, Isabel

Filipa Ferreira Pinto, Tânia

Inês, Pedro

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