About IBMC

IBMC is a multidisciplinary research institution that was formed in 1997 with the aim of bringing together researchers working within the University of Porto and affiliated hospitals to produce a unique environment promoting research in the life sciences. It became a Research Unit recognized and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) of Portugal; the main Portuguese government body that funds science.



At this stage, IBMC joined forces with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (INEB), also funded by the FCT, and proposed the creation of an Associate Laboratory and requested funds to build a site that could house the two research communities. In 2000 the new building was inaugurated and the two Research Units became known as the IBMC.INEB Associate Laboratory (LA).

To ensure a completely multidisciplinary environment, IBMC will continue to foster the implementation of fully integrated scientific programs across the different Research Groups and pursue interdisciplinary approaches that have already emerged as a result of the unique environment within the Institute.


IBMC Legal Status [PDF]

Declaration of Public Utility - Diário da República II série, nº284 - 11-12-2000 [PDF]

Research & Development Institutions Legal Framework


IBMC Association Members


Founding Members:


Joint Members:

Alexandra Moreira
Alexandre do Carmo
Alexandre Quintanilha
Anabela Cordeiro da Silva
Anna Olsson
Arnaldo Videira
Clara Sá Miranda
Claudio Sunkel
Deolinda Lima
Didier Cabanes
Francisco Carvalho Guerra (Assoc. Honorário)
Francisco Cruz
Graça Porto
Helder Maiato
João Morais Cabral
João Relvas
Jorge Azevedo
Jorge Sequeiros
Jorge Vieira
Maria Helena Carvalho
Maria João Saraiva
Mário Barbosa
Mónica Sousa
Nuno Alves
Nuno dos Santos
Paula Tamagnini
Pedro Moradas-Ferreira
Pedro Pereira
Pedro Rodrigues
Roberto Salema
Sandra Macedo Ribeiro
Teresa Summavielle
Vitor Costa




Transparency - GRPC - General Rules for Preventing Corruption 

In June 2022, in collaboration with i3S, the institute set up a new mechanism for reporting scientific misconduct. Among other documents and actions to prevent corruption and promote ethical behavior at work, a Report Channel and a Whistleblowing Policy were put in place. 

More information at: https://www.i3s.up.pt/rgpc.php

FINANCIAL REPORTS: 2007 [PDF] | 2008 [PDF] | 2009 [PDF] | 2010 [PDF] | 2011 [PDF] | 2012 [PDF] | 2013 [PDF] | 2014 [PDF] | 2015 [PDF] | 2016 [PDF] | 2017 [PDF] | 2018 [PDF] | 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF] | 2021 [PDF] 2022 [PDF] 2023 [PDF]


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