IBMC’s Library objective is focused on its commitment to support researchers and students in their research within the scientific and academic community. The library seeks to provide its users with instant and easy access to cutting - edge information, through a wide range of services, collection of documents and information resources, therefore also contributing to the promotion of scientific publication.
Services at the library include: the acquisition of documents and the maintenance and diffusion of documents which interest researchers and students who work in IBMC as well as external users and also to present information resources available.



The document collection consists mainly of documents in the areas of Life Sciences and Biomedicine, all documents being in free access, which allows its users to freely consult the documents. However, this service does not allow users to remove documents from this space. IBMC researchers and students can use the Library 24 hours a day, throughout the year. Access to IBMC'S Library can be achieved through an individually given identification card.





Costa, Anabela

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